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Forum on Planning Higher Education Integrity

July 24, 2015 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

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July 24, 2015
8:00 am - 10:00 pm
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Grand School


Hotel Seattle
315 Seneca Street
Seattle, WA United States
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“After taking the Preventive Controls for Human Food course I am better equipped to relay pertinent information regarding food preparation to our clients. It also allows me to make a much better analysis of businesses in the food industry who may be seeking to access loans or expand their businesses. The course was extremely informative and allowed me to look at food preparation from a more informed position. Facilitated by persons with very in-depth knowledge in the industry, who presented the information from a theoretical yet very practical position, it allowed the participants to not only receive information but work on developing food safety plans. The experience was very enlightening and I would highly recommend this workshop for persons operating within the food industry who want to improve their standard of food production and more specifically those seeking to enter the US export market.”

Mr. Ronald Wiltshire
Business Development Officer

“Safe Food Essentials, led by Dr. Kelly Brathwaite and Mrs. Pamela Whitehall, is a very good organization if any company is searching for information, training and consultancy regarding food safety. For example, one of the courses offered by the company is the ‘FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food’ course. Both Dr. Brathwaite and Mrs. Whitehall were confident, thorough and precise in their style of delivery of the course material, and it was well executed by them both, ensuring that participants understood as much as they could. They are both very knowledgeable, drawing from their combined years of education and experience in the field of food safety and testing to supplement the course teaching material. Any course offered by the Safe Food Essentials team is highly recommended if any company wants to develop their policies, systems and procedures regarding food safety to the highest level!”


“The benefits of attending a training program with the Safe Food Essentials team such as the Preventive Controls for Human Food, has already changed bad food handling practices at the level of my mind. The brain is an organ that once convinced, prepares the body for good or bad change. In this case, my brain was convinced to change for the better, due to the validity and accuracy in which the information was presented by the trainers. They had totally different styles of presenting, which eliminated the possibility of boredom and monotony; it really made it easier to pay attention.

I encourage every company (big or small) to whom this information is relevant, to come sign up for the program. The information is accurate, carefully compiled and effectively disseminated. The Preventive Controls for Human Food course really makes sense. It encourages most of all being your brother’s keeper and doing your due diligence, before distribution of your product.”


“Dr. Kelly Brathwaite and Mrs. Pamela Whitehall of Safe Food Essentials provide excellent tutoring and training for individuals in the food industry and those interested in food production. As a participant of the ‘FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food’ course led by Dr. Brathwaite and Mrs. Whitehall, I was able to widen my knowledge of food safety, namely developing a food safety plan, and preventive controls for food safety hazards. Dr. Brathwaite and Mrs. Whitehall were well prepared in delivery of information, and used course material, previous training, research and work experience to ease understanding of course topics, while pulling resources to ensure we were adequately trained in becoming Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals. I would encourage any business or person in the food industry to choose Safe Food Essentials for food safety training and overall improvement of their businesses.”


“I attended the Preventive Controls for Human Food course in April 2017, along with the Production Manager of Bibi’s Snacks, which wasled by Dr. Brathwaite and Mrs. Whitehall. The staff at Bibi’s Snacks also later received an on-site training session in Basic Food Safety and Hygiene with Dr. Brathwaite. Both trainers are very knowledgeable and the courses are taught in such a way that they are informative, interactive and keep your attention. The presentations were packed with a wealth of information that we found very relevant to what we do in the food industry. The staff at Bibi’s Snacks is committed to continuous training and development in various aspects related to preparation and handling of food because at the end of it all, food safety is extremely important. People’s lives matter and for everyone in the food industry this should be our main focus.Overall, I highly recommend these trainers and the courses that they offer.”


“I had the pleasure of attending the Preventive Controls for Human Food course taught by Dr. Kelly Brathwaite in May-June 2017. This course would be great for anyone interested in becoming a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI). The curriculum was extensive and in depth. Even with the breadth of topics covered, I felt confident that with Dr. Brathwaite’s tutelage we would be able to cover the subject matter within the allotted time and, more importantly, understand it.

Dr. Brathwaite gave great feedback and is extremely knowledgeable. One technique which was impressive was her use of a “parking lot”. The “parking lot” is where she would place questions she was unable to answer during the class relating to topics such as Barbados food safety legislation or US FSMA requirements. You could be sure she would have an answer by the following class.

Although my company is exempt from the US regulation related to this course, Dr. Brathwaite helped me to apply what we were doing in the course to my job role. With the information provided, I was able to have a clearer vision of how to strengthen my company’s current documentation.

I would highly recommend this course to any person or company working towards becoming a PCQI or wanting to learn more about developing food safety plans.”


“The FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food course benefited me by cementing in my head all of the preventive measures that I should be aware of and use in order to deliver to my customers safe and healthy products. The tutors are passionate and very knowledgeable about the subject area and delivered the training in a way that encourages open participation. The number of participants was also adequate for good interaction and learning. I highly recommend this course to everyone who is preparing food for human consumption to be exported to the USA, whether it is in a bottle or on a plate. Take this course and do it the right way!”

Phone: (246) 822-4350
P.O.Box 62W, Welches, St Michael BB13000, Barbados